Additional Information

COREtec vinyl flooring is a patented, revolutionary technological advancement in the vinyl flooring market. It features a high-density, extra strong, and dimensionally stable composite core using virgin vinyl polymers, recycled wood and bamboo into a waterproof core. A luxury vinyl wear layer is then permanently bonded to this waterproof core, a concept developed and patented by USFloors.

COREtec Plus Vinyl Installation Instuctions


COREtec vinyl plank flooring features an angle-angle installation method. Be sure to read the manufacturer instructions and watch the video to ensure you install your flooring correctly. Not installing your floor by the specified method can void your warranty and damage your planks.



COREtec Vinyl Flooring Warranty

COREtec vinyl plank flooring is back with a residential and commercial warranty. Depending on the collection, you may have a different warranty. Be sure to read the warranty carefully, so you know exactly what is covered with your floor.



COREtec Maintenance


COREtec vinyl plank flooring is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Follow the guide below to keep your COREtec vinyl plank floors looking great for years. 


COREtec Moldings


COREtec vinyl plank floors have a special collection of moldings that match each design. Below you will find the installation instructions specifically for COREtec vinyl floors.

COREtec Emissions Certifications


COREtec vinyl floors are manufactured with the highest level of standards. Below you will find the certificates for the COREtec flooring lines.


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